Free Golf Tees

August 5, 2012 | Cool Free Stuff, Golfing | |

You’re on the 17th hole. Taking the last tee from your golf bag, you set your ball on top and press it into the soft ground behind the black tee-off line. As you stand back up, you feel very uneasy about your upcoming shot. The tee has broken on the last six holes. These cheap pieces of crap can’t take a swing. And now your friends keep snickering that you’re just a terrible golfer and that’s why they’re breaking. Well not this time! Musting all your concentration you swing as hard as you can for the green. Except that when you hit the ball, you sliced it onto the highway. You don’t even want to look down at the tee, you know it’s broken.

Well sir, sounds like you can use some Free Tees from Bio Golf

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